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In this video I showcase a part of my life and career in slopestyle and why I stopped competing.   Normally, I don’t talk a lot about my feelings or opinions because to be honest, I don’t really care to talk about myself.  But this time, I want to share this part of my career about where and why I was losing the motivation for competing in slopestyle.    When you do too much of any one thing, you can lose yourself doing it. This is what happened to me, I think. I’m not a competitive person at all so going to all of these “competitions” became too much for me. When I look back at all these seasons of competition on TV it seems unreal that it was me out there.   Now, I’m just stoked on riding my bike.  I just try to get back to that same mindset than I had when I was just riding bikes with my brother in our parents’ yard.    And getting back to that mindset is the best way to continue to do what I love every day…this is Vision, presented by SR Suntour.
Credit: SR Suntour

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