Velosolutions UCI Pump Track World Championships Finals - Live from AREA47, Austria

After the incredible showdown last year in Chile with Niels Bensink and Christa von Niederhäusern taking home the rainbow jerseys in Santiago, the 2023 Pump Track World Championships promises yet another thrilling ride as the worlds' best pump track riders line up at the Velosolutions Pump Track at AREA47 in Austria to crown their new World Champion on 18th of November 2023. 

In this young and uprising sport, participants complete a compact asphalted circuit full of rollers and berms on BMX or mountain bikes. At speeds of up to 35 km/h, loads of up to 10G can be reached in the tight curves, making falls extremely dangerous.

A total of 61 athletes from 21 nations qualified for the World Championships in the Tyrolean mountains in the 18 elimination races in 17 countries. 

The Finals will start on Saturday, 18th of November at 2pm local time with the first round leading up to the Main Finals Woman & Main Finals Men which are expected to take place around 6pm local time to crown the new World Champions.

Credit: Velosolutions

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