This is Living - Vol 1 - Darkfest

This season I've decided to pick up a dad cam, document some of my travels, adventures and bring everyone in to check out some behind the scenes of things I get up to that you might not normally see from me. This Is Living is an ode to my grandfather. A catch phrase he often mentioned when telling stories about him and his friends' adventures. It's been a few years since I've been back to Darkfest due to injuries, but this year feeling healthy and strong, as well as having that new bike stoke I was keen as to ride those jumps again! I went a week early to get used to the new bike, get climatized, and of course take advantage of some of the epic fly fishing! This event is one of if not the funnest event I attend all year, and this year's was certainly one for the memory books.

Thank you Sam Reynolds, thank you Monster Energy, and thank you Darkfest!

Filmed by: Graham Agassiz
Edited by: Eric Lawrenuk
Thumbnail photo: Syo Van Vliet
Additional Footage Cinematic: @seagarfilms @jacobgibbinsphoto @William_wacker_entertainment @thomassandell_ @joesimkins
Phone clips: Kaos Seagrave Vero Sandler Theo Erlangsen Leo Gunther
Sofi Tukker - Matadora
Cape Town Street Choir
Serb - Mwaki

Credit: Graham Agassiz

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