The Ladies Sending Red Bull Hardline 2023

Red Bull Hardline is known for putting 30 of the world’s best and bravest male riders to the test, as they bid to tame the world’s hardest downhill mountain bike track. Before the main event was unfortunately cancelled due to extreme weather conditions in the Dyfi Valley, the ninth edition of Red Bull Hardline saw six of the best women mountain bikers push new frontiers on a course deserving of its intimidating reputation. Initiated by Red Bull athlete Tahnée Seagrave and Jess Blewitt - the first ever female to take to the Red Bull Hardline track in 2022 - the days leading up to the 2023 event saw some of the most talented and fearless female riders including Cami Nogueira, Hannah Bergemann, Vinny Armstrong, Louise Ferguson and of course Tahnée Seagrave & Jess Blewitt take on sections of the notorious course for the first time.

Jess Blewitt
Vinny Armstrong
Tahnee Seagrave
Louise Ferguson
Cami Nogueira
Hannah Bergemann

Credit: Red Bull

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