Kids Line | Marcel Hunt | Big Lines At The Kamloops Bike Ranch


In Kamloops there’s a “Locals only” only vibe. But not in a bad way. The locals here are welcoming, and really good at biking. Bikes have a special way of erasing boundaries. You hop in your car, get to a new riding zone and meet up with a few locals. They show you the goods and they have an epic session with you. It's the MTB way of life. You’d do the same with new riders in your neck of the woods. (Except for that secret loamer. No one can find out about that).

This was the case last fall for Marcel and Dylan when they travelled to Kamloops to meet up with some friends and ride the world-renowned riding the Bike Ranch has to offer. The Bike Ranch has a little something for everyone. From smooth green and blue flow, all the way up to some of the biggest public jumps anywhere in the world (this may need a fact-check). One thing's for sure, when you go to the Bike Ranch, you gotta warm up on the kid's lines. Just don’t film it, unless you’re a kid.

Remember: Pre-ride. Re-ride. Free Ride.

Riders: Marcel Hunt, Dylan Siggers, Soren Farenholtz, Jesse Munden, and Lane Bodor
Video: Dylan Siggers
Song: My High - Free Throw, Talk - Hovvdy ft. Lomelda

Credit: Forbidden

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