Duplicity | The Love of Speed Feat. Sam Reynolds

Sam Reynolds has forged a path in the freeride world that few could emulate. His passion for progression sat at the heart of his ambition to build the world’s biggest jumps and push the sport to its limit. That same mindset has run throughout Sam’s life and any sport he touches. “I’ve always loved cars since I was young and remember watching Formula 1 with Dad. So much of what I enjoy on a mountain bike, the speed and the G-forces, I’m sure are connected to that early love for motorsport. Now I’m older and able to explore both passions side by side, there is more to be had in common between 2 and 4 wheels, and motor and pedal power than you would first imagine!” - Sam Reynolds

Sam and invisiFRAME joined forces in 2023, both having a common theme of passion for bikes whilst understanding that there was a lot to be learned and appreciated from the automotive world.

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Credit: invisiFRAME

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