Dean Lucas' Aussie National Champs Vlog

Part 1 from a rowdy weekend in Thredbo with Deano. We'll slap part 2 in here tomorrow, too.

What Deano says

I may have made claims about not racing Cannonball again after making it onto last years podium but Aus Cycling jumped on board with Thredbo's annual Cannonball festival and made the race the Australian National Championship so here we are again. Don’t get me wrong, I really do love the event here at Thredbo but that track hasn’t been kind to me in the past. I was super keen to ride this week, but managed to catch something on the flight down from Queensland so spent the time struggling for energy. I managed to put down a run and come away with 12th which for a track I've never had a good relationship with is fine with me, lot of positive speed wise but couldn’t hold it all together in a full run, resting up now and getting stuck back in to training. Watch along for an inside look at Cannonball 2023 through my eyes and stay tuned for Part 2 dropping tomorrow!

Here's Part 2


Credit: Dean Lucas

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