Brendan Howey, Jesse Munden Ripping Sun Peaks Bike Park in Dyad 1

Something that consists of two elements or parts.

Brendan Howey. Jesse Munden. Two strangers who clicked instantly on the trails of Sun Peaks Bike Park. Despite an age gap of over a decade between the duo, they share a style that's timeless.

Brendan Howey was at the forefront of making "style first" viral edits popular and has stayed true to his belief that being smooth on a bike is of the utmost importance. It's clear that when Howey chooses to pass that torch, Jesse Munden will be right there to grab it. Jesse takes that same smooth style and makes it his own, infusing it with signature tricks and reckless amplitude. Together, these two make perfect sense. A trailblazer makes way for the next wave. The next wave builds on the legacy of the trailblazer.
The concept for Dyad was to create the same feeling you get when riding with that one friend who's every move is predictable to you, and then multiply the visual spectacle of it to an extreme degree. Howey and Jesse make any feature in the Sun Peaks Bike Park look unique, riding them in ways most people only envision while they sleep.Matt Brooks, Lone Wolf Productions
Sun Peaks is easily one of my favourite places to ride every year. So, when this opportunity came up I was stoked. Filming with another rider has been a lot of fun, it definitely adds a new dynamic to a project. It was my first time riding with Jesse and it was nothing but good times. He always has a sense of humour, a good attitude and is a natural talent on the bike. It was a blast and I look forward to more laps at Sun Peaks this year.Brendan Howey
Old Park. New Tricks.

2024 marks the 25th anniversary of Sun Peaks Bike Park. While raw singletrack remains at the core of our riding experience and we embrace the rowdiness that draws in the pros, like everyone in their mid 20's we have gone through a period of change. The Sun Peaks Bike Park is now a home for all riders, with the approach of 'come one, come all' as we continue our evolution with a focus on trails for every level of progression. 

Located just 45 minutes from Kamloops, BC, Sun Peaks Bike Park offers two chairlifts, over 83km of trails, and 595m (1,952ft) of lift-access vertical across Tod and Sundance mountains. Trails range from machine-built freeride cruisers to fully pinned DH singletrack, plus a carpet lift-access Progression Park for the littlest of shredders. In 2024 we are proud to host the Canadian National DH Championships and Canadian National Enduro Championship. Learn more about Sun Peaks.

Ready to party? Join us in 2024 to celebrate 25 years of Sun Peaks Bike Park. It’s all downhill from here…
Credit: Athletes: Brendan Howey and Jesse Munden D.O.P and Editor: Matt Brooks - Lone Wolf Productions Sound: Keith White Audio Photography: Kaleb Trozzo Cable Cam Operators: Matt Brooks and Zack Brock First Aid Support: Zack Brock

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