Brain Freeze - A Perfect Summer’s Day ft. Nic Court

Some things never change. Summers are the best. Long days, warm breezes, and endless possibilities on how to spend a day. For Vancouver Island-born Nic Court, the ideal summer day is nostalgic of many of our childhoods. Biking all over town, goin’ fast, huckin’ his meat, grabbin’ a sweet treat, and havin’ a blast. The only thing that could harsh the vibe is a brain freeze from chugging a massive slushy (or landing directly on your head). It's a sweet reminder that some things never change. Follow Nic aboard his Druid as he explores his hometown playground, rallies the Cowichan Valley’s endless trails, and beats the heat with a classic summertime refreshment. While growing old is not optional, drinking partially frozen juice fast enough to trigger a headache will remain an option forever. It’s the little things. Now, get out there and ride your dang bike! It’s literally the best.

Credit: Forbidden Bike Co

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