Your Dose of "WTF!" for the Day | Darkfest Highlights 6

Pure Darkness or Pure Madness? The Fest boys continue to push the limits of what's possible on two wheels.

The Fest Crew made their way down to South Africa to take on the infamous Pure Darkness jumps. Sam Reynolds, with the help of Nico Vink & Clemens Kaudela, revived the beasts and added a few more to the party and what a party it was! In true Fest fashion, these boys went faster, higher and bigger than ever! With features like a 60ft roll in, 55ft gaps and a 35ft lip that sends you 25ft into the air it is definitely not one to be missed!

Best Trick: Adolf Silva - Double Flip

Best Line: Andreu Lacondeguy

Best Whip: Kurt Sorge

Biggest Slam: Adolf Silva - Tripple Flip Attempt

Dark King: Clemens "C-Dawg" Kaudela - for killing the course build, riding and parties

Sit back and absorb the madness that went down at the first Fest stop in Africa!

DarkFEST 2017 Photo Gallery by Eric Palmer // AFREAKIN PHOTOGRAPHY

All photos by Eric Palmer // AFREAKIN PHOTOGRAPHY

Credit: FEST Series

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