Video: Santa Cruz Test Ride Posse Shred Whistler 4

Remember that photo from Crankworx of the guy on a scooter towing a Santa Cruz? That was no stunt... just one of our Test Ride Posse going about their business.

Meet Craig Wilson and Jason Tarbet. These guys know how stuff works, and tell us when it don't.

This is the day Craig got the new Heckler.

150mm of single pivot travel and 27.5" wheels on a Bronson-esque geometry, the Heckler's now freakishly good.

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  • Scott_Townes

    9/14/2013 5:45 AM

    goat's gully... one of the most fun/tech. trails that I remember from a trip to Whistler back in high school. The Heckler looks like an absolute shredder now!

  • bturman

    9/13/2013 2:16 PM

    Damn. I'm impressed.

  • NoahColorado

    9/13/2013 11:46 AM

    Where do I submit my resume to join the Test Ride Posse!?

  • Big Bird

    9/13/2013 9:04 AM

    Those racks are pretty sweet. I'm thinking that a bungee cord from the frame down to the rack would help on rough roads. If the bike gets bouncing around at speed, you could go through a lot of rear wheels.

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