Video: Mega Case 2.0 20

Since we're on the topic of coming up short... Watch Mega Case 1.0

Credit: This Guy
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  • willy vanilly

    5/1/2013 8:35 AM

    That medic is useless... he's busier with his camera in both videos than with the racers

  • b-slice

    5/1/2013 4:00 PM

    Yeah. That medic needs to be shot.

  • NustyRuts

    5/1/2013 7:14 AM

    It almost looks like a stepup from this video. Reminds me of the US open finish jump a few years ago that kept taking riders out. You need to know wtf you are doing if you are going to build stuff like this.

  • Ben_Eggleston

    5/1/2013 6:55 AM

    Just gone back and watched the first one on the same jump. At least that guy managed to walk it off. Who built that jump for Gawds sake?? "Let's make a gap they said, we'll put the downslope way back here so nobody hucks to flat they said, it'll be a fun hit they said".

  • Scott_Townes

    5/1/2013 5:45 AM

    just keep rolling, just keep rolling, just keep rolling...

  • markysz

    5/1/2013 1:16 AM

    Im fine after surgery, where my two wrists were rebuild I have to wait about 6 weeks to - hopefully - be 100 % ok

  • Ben_Eggleston

    5/1/2013 6:45 AM

    Was that you? Fookin' 'ell!! I'm glad to hear you're going to be ok. That looked horrible! I know you smashed up your wrists, but well done for at least holding onto the bars and having some faith that you might ride out of it...A virtual pint is on it's way to you!!

  • canadmos

    5/1/2013 7:41 AM

    You must be pretty tough and robust if you can say you're fine after having to have both wrists rebuilt! haha

    Good to read that though! Looks like one hell of a crash.

  • Beezkneez

    5/2/2013 6:35 AM

    I hope you have a girlfriend to take care of you. Having both wrists out of order would make it awfully hard to release any tension. If you know what I mean.

  • Roll X

    5/1/2013 12:59 AM

    Thats nasty .Poor guy .

  • cshank27

    4/30/2013 9:58 PM

    Someone needs to call a case attorney

  • Scharney127

    4/30/2013 9:51 PM

    Well apparently the course builders were on acid. What a horribly constructed jump.

  • Scrub

    4/30/2013 9:38 PM

    The medic is like "Oh shit! Where's my phone? I better call 911"

  • waite_jesse

    4/30/2013 9:27 PM

    Hope your ok bro! that was a hard hit!

  • Joshy D

    4/30/2013 9:17 PM

    Soo ummm....that jump looks fun after these two videos.....not

  • ryan_daugherty

    4/30/2013 8:58 PM

    He may need to tighten his headset

  • kidwoo

    4/30/2013 7:32 PM

    That's not a case, that's a sign from jesus that you're in the wrong sport.

  • CombatMutt

    4/30/2013 6:46 PM


  • Todi

    4/30/2013 6:35 PM

    yeah and this guy broke both arms and a colar bone i think

  • McFly

    4/30/2013 6:31 PM

    OMG, this one is worse...brutal!

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