UTAH FREERIDE TRIP with Dylan Stark, Reed Boggs and Brandon Wilson - Part 1

The mountain bike freeride place to be is in Virgin Utah, The same place where RedBull Rampage is held every year where the limits of mountain biking are pushed, I was invited by Brandon Wilson and his dad (Brad) to go on a weekend trip to Virgin, Utah. Brandon is only 15 years old and is one of the best groms in Socal and he's been riding with me a bunch lately, I haven't met many kids like him that have so much drive and skill for his age, especially when it comes to riding big stuff like this. On my first trip to this location Reed Boggs really helped show me around and he is a good homie of mine so I def had to hit him up when I was in town. Reed came out and showed us all the stuff again and helped Brandon really progress in his riding. Make sure to watch part 2 of these Utah videos to see us really send it.

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Credit: Dylan Stark

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