Tracey Hannah Discussing Transitioning From Racer to Team Manager

Who raced her first national BMX title when she was 4 years old? Tracey Hannah did. When Tracey was 13 years old her parents let her try downhill riding. At 14, she raced for the National titles in Elite, and she came in 2nd place. What an exciting career Tracey has had, the respect for her athleticism and dedication can not be denied.

For 7 years, Tracey was Australian National Champion. After that, she started racing overseas and her results were; First in the NORBA Series overall, A Junior World Championship, Third in a World Cup overall, Third in Elite World Championships..the list goes on...

2012 during practice for the 6th round, she endured a horrific crashed and was helicoptered to the hospital. She had broken her femur, collarbone, bruised a lung, and had a hematoma. What a career. What adversity. But it isn't even close to ending there.

In 2021, Tracey announced that after racking up 6 individual World Champs medals and one overall World Cup title, the Australian will focus on fun and sharing her knowledge with other riders.

Episode 11 of "Inside The Line" we connect with Tracy Hannah, to get closer to this racing legend and find out how she's pivoted her racing career to become a Team Manager of the NS Bikes UR Team after racing World Cups for most of her career. We go into details about her new life, what her responsibilities are and how she helps the team push towards their goals with grace and a light touch.
Credit: e*thirteen

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