Three New Public Pumptracks from Claudio Caluori and Velosolutions 1

If you played with dumptrucks and bulldozers in the sandbox when you were a kid, you're just like Claudio Calouri and Velosolutions. The difference is that they're still playing in the dirt as adults while creating some of the most fun pumptracks throughout the world. Their latest creation, which like many of their pumptracks uses an asphalt surface is in Neukirchen, Austria. It features lines for both beginners and pros alike.

Neukirchen, Austria, Pumptrack.

The epic Velosolutions pumptrack at the foot of a castle in Balzars, Lichstenstein, is another new example of user-friendly and pro-shreddy asphalt work. The pumptrack surrounds a pool for skating, too.


Finally the high-altitude pumptrack in Arosa, Switzerland is the third new community-building pumptrack from the group. While smaller than some of the others, it proves the compact space can provide endless fun for youth and adults alike.


We're pretty darn jealous when we see this flowy pieces of art that can be ridden or skated. They didn't build themselves, so that just means we need to get involved in our local parks and rec scene and maybe we could have a public pumptrack like this in our town, too!

Credit: Velosolutions

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