This is Arizona 13

This is a project by Arizona downhill riders to raise awareness and legitimize Arizona as a downhill destination.

Filmed entirely on the Vholdr ContourHD helmet cam. Supported by Commencal Bikes.

Credit: Erik Nelson
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  • dhlover898

    5/3/2010 5:14 PM

    dude those are some sick trails! man i live in tucson and there is almost nothing here! my dad is taking me and bro where we want in arizona to dh this summer. can you plz tell me if these are local made or like bike park made trails? and where they are? thank you!

  • chancho19

    5/2/2010 12:31 AM

    so sick can't wait to get up there this summer

  • ErikNelson

    5/1/2010 1:28 AM

    you are correct on the rock bars and chainsaws. Not to mention hours of bow sawing. trail building in flagstaff is a pretty slow endeavor. on top of that many of the slopes are quite steep. which means horrendous amounts of bench cutting to make a reasonable trail.

  • spankthewan

    5/1/2010 1:12 AM

    Some of the most desirable rock formations I have seen....smooth and keeping the flow going


    4/30/2010 10:55 PM

    Looks like chainsaws and rock bars are a necessity for trailbuilding out there. Sick trails.

  • H-Keisler

    4/30/2010 9:01 PM

    TIA i smell copy right infringement just kidding!!!

  • ErikNelson

    4/30/2010 10:59 AM

    brandon. come

  • foxrider18

    4/30/2010 10:00 AM

    Love it.

  • noparking

    4/30/2010 9:57 AM

    great video, i'd love to go riding there my kind of trail.

  • Shenzi

    4/30/2010 9:46 AM

    Awesome vid Erik. Now you do it again with your new pimpin' Dainese gear on!

  • 303mtb

    4/30/2010 9:44 AM

    nice vid homie

  • bturman

    4/30/2010 6:19 AM

    Nice! That vid and song definitely got me amped to go ride. Arizona trip anyone?

  • cameron.hoefer

    4/30/2010 1:00 AM

    Flagstaff is whats up!

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