The Search for Scree - Brook MacDonald 2013 7

Red Bull flashing the cash again as we see Brook MacDonald going heli-biking near the Glentanner trails in New Zealand. With Mount Cook as a backdrop, Brook soon drops in and down a scree slope before picking up the lower trails. Pretty epic scenery throughout this short film and plenty of reasons to visit NZ.

Credit: Red Bull
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  • Pininator

    5/7/2013 9:04 PM

    Watching that large, not-round rock gaining speed and getting bucked around would be where my ride ended. Curious as to how many times he got pelted by some of those smaller rocks that were gaining on him during his descent.

  • bhalpin47

    5/7/2013 9:37 AM

    Red bull should have brought along some free-riders to show him how it's done. He looked scared, and did he just use the word "tummy?" Oh Brook, it's tough coming up with your own words when Neko isn't around, isn't it?

  • SwylieR

    5/7/2013 10:39 AM

    ThIs comment is a joke right? "free-riders to show him how it's done".... Brook is a World Cup winning rider, you just sound like an idiot...

  • bhalpin47

    5/7/2013 11:06 AM

    There's a huge difference between racing world cups and free-riding. Any of the guys who ride in rampage would tear this up with much less hesitation. He's used to groomed world cup downhill courses, and that's what he does best. And yeah I'm also bagging on his intelligence because of his word choices and lack of originality as seen in this interview:

  • bturman

    5/7/2013 11:27 AM

    You're right, skidding down a hill isn't something Brook is used to doing

  • uphillsg

    5/7/2013 2:47 PM

    Not all scree is created equal either, as they hinted at in where the trail ends. I've ridden with Norbs, Aggy Brook and Blenki in some of this south island scree and by no stretch of the imagination did the free riders show up the world cup guys, if anything Brook (on his first ride in SPD, on a 29er) was more aggressive. Tummy is a perfectly normal word in this part of the world, much like a fanny pack, as used in US english, is sneered at by the rest of the world!

  • SwylieR

    5/7/2013 2:53 PM

    there is so much wrong with this comment its really not even worth my time to write a proper reply. I would also love to watch a video of you riding a "groomed world cup downhill course".... wow

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