The New Atherton AM130: Post Work Ride 1

The Post Work Ride is a key part of Atherton Bikes’ life.The crew admit to being pretty spoiled; not only is Dyfi Bike Park just a 5 minute pedal away but more than 100km of hand-cut natural Welsh trails start at the doorstep of Athy HQ!

Everyone in the company rides, and everyone has a say in how the prototype bikes feel; it’s an important part of the company’s culture though some are more keen on a pedal than the others! But most passionate of all about the development of the new trail bike is CEO Dan Brown. 

Dan said “I do love the AM.130. I’m not afraid of a pedal but I’m also partial to a steep techy descent...very quickly it became too hard to choose what I liked the most, 140mm 34's or 150mm 36's, both had their place...For the last 15 years as team director of Atherton Racing, as an amateur racer, and now in my role at Atherton Bikes I’ve been chasing perfection with no thought of compromise, and I know that goes for all of us here. And yet for probably 6 months I was tying myself up trying to decide which set-up worked best. It was about half a year into development thatI realized that the bike could work amazingly with both set ups! Just look at your local terrain that you ride the most and pick your fork based on that. It’s just another way of making sure that every bike we sell Is the perfect bike for the rider who buys it-wherever they ride.”

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Credit: Atherton Bikes

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