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The Canyon Flipper | Brendan Fairclough's POV from Red Bull Rampage 2019 6

With much anticipated hype throughout Rampage about the entertaining UK crew, the MTB world watched as Olly Wilkins, Ben Deakin and Brendan Fairclough set out to craft a bigger, faster and wilder line from Brendog's remaining 2018 Red Bull Rampage run. And as always, Canyon Gaps were front and centre!

We bring you, Brendan Fairclough's POV from Red Bull Rampage 2019. Shot using the GoPro MAX.

Credit: Red Bull

iceman2058 iceman2058 10/27/2019 1:24 AM

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He got 4th at what was probably the most competitive Rampage to date. Just to make the top 10 this year you had to have a pretty remarkable run. Not to mention the amount of media he's gotten in the last year and especially the last couple of weeks. Your comment, and the thousands of others like it across the internet, shows that he is being recognized. Not to mention his tribute to Jordie. It sucks he didn't get best trick or peoples choice, which is surprising. But I don't think Brendog needs a participation award to feel good about what he accomplished this week either. He achieved his goal of top 5 and walked away with some banger shots from his canyon gap like he was hoping for.

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His top gap, drop and hip look proper big even with the GoPro effect. Kinda gutted he didn't get any award, I assumed he was a shoe-in for best build crew, but he could have taken best trick on the canyon flip for my money, the landing is so short he need to get it perfect!

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