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It has been almost 5 years since the premiere of Antidote Bikes' first Enduro frame called Carbonjack. The 160mm carbon and Vectran chassis, based on Antidote's own and proven FDS suspension platform, was not only an acclaimed top performer, but also had a stunning design that was ahead of its time. It is fair to say, that Carbonjack has aged very well and even today, in 2019, it still does look amazing and is a real head-turner. While Antidote Bikes celebrate the premiere of their latest creation, the brand new Carbonjack 29, their long-time friend and ambassador Jakub Reichhart, pays tribute to the "old" Carbonjack in a quirky video titled "The Art of Building a Bicycle".

“Nearly 5 years ago I’ve built my very first, true “dream bike”, a fully custom and one of the very first Antidote Carbonjacks. Now, after many thousand kilometres, probably few hundred thousand of vertical meters, and over 60 enduro races, the time has come to build a new machine. Well, not entirely new – it is “just” another, but still a rather special Carbonjack! This time in more fitting size L, with mixed wheel sizes and featuring lots of “Made in Europe” parts.”

“Since I knew the company was working on a new version of the Carbonjack, I thought I should celebrate in a special way the bicycle that has accompanied me over the last few years and has given me so much fun and excitement. That's how the idea was born to film the assembly process of my new old friend.“

"In my rather biased opinion, the beautiful shape of Carbonjack frame is a work of art, so a private atelier of a classical painter seemed like a perfect, albeit unusual, location to show how it is slowly turning into a state of art mountain bike."

See the brand new Carbonjack 29!

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Credit: Jakub Reichhart

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