THE SYNDICATE - Quali Day Shenanigans and Shimano

'Another day in the life of my 23-minute work life' - Laurie Greenland

It was another eventful day on the hill with wheels getting taken out all over the show - the rocks in MSA are no joke. Unlucky for Jackson, he was one of those whose wheel got chewed up and spat out. Lucky for Jackson, he was able to keep good pace regardless and slotted into P4.

MVP of the day goes to Greg. One of the most physical tracks on the circuit but that doesn't seem to phase this guy and he stitched together a near-perfect run.

Full Results: Jackson Goldstone - P4 (J) Nina Hoffmann - P3 Greg Minnaar - P2Laurie Greenland - P23

We also take a look at all things Shimano and how the riders like to have their shiny bits set up.

Credit: The Syndicate

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