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Slopestyle Meets Rampage as Brandon Semenuk Plays Bikes in Utah 18

There's nothing but the sound of tires ripping turns, tapping off features and a mastermind nailing wild combos on otherworldly terrain in Semenuk's latest video. Enjoy.

Credit: RevelCo / Ian Collins / Red Bull Content Pool

bturman bturman 8/5/2019 11:00 PM

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You know what REALLY pisses me off about video edits like this? I end up spending way too much time watching them over and over, ‘cause I’m just not sure I saw what I thought I saw.

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The most well rounded and stylish rider by far. Like @stickandstones mentioned, he seems to be getting better and better. I would watch him ride all day. Well done RevelC0, Ian and RedBull...sick!

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Audio mastermind Keith White worked on this project so I’d wager a hefty amount of money that the hub noise was not captured naturally or at least digitally enhanced.

Regardless, still so nutty. That last clip is bananas.

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That was, yet again, f-ing phenomenal. Dude just keeps getting better and better. Applause to video/photographers as well for always documenting this in a creative way.

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Would be curious where the mic is on Brandon or the bike. Tires are plenty loud also, wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the unedited hub noise. Maybe it seems so loud because that Hub is actually that obnoxiously loud...

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I don't remember those hubs being that loud in person though. Just seems like they amplified them in post-production. They sound like an e-bike motor/cordless weed eater

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every time i go to the bmx track, the racer kids' hubs mobbing the rhythm sound just like this. additionally, in the desert like that, w/o any wind, you can hear someone whisper from a 1/4 mile away. i bet if you were there, it wasn't too far off.

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Just an observation but, for example, when he jumps the first two jumps ..... the hub goes silent after he leaves the lip - and other jumps it continues to pawl in the air. Something also seemed off about the “Doppler effect” of the pawl passing if the sound was captured elsewhere and spliced in. At the end of the day it is still a great vid tho.

Maybe, but super prepped surface and slop style tyres, I have those hubs and there noisy but shut up with some heavy grease.
Amazing riding as ever.

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