Snake Charmer - Horse Gulch - Durango, CO 11

Snake Charmer is a new progressive trail in Durango. Great example of what can happen when people work together for the greater good - and the greater good being...a sweet new trail! Trails 2000 teamed up with the City of Durango, Tyson Swasey (trail builder guru from Moab) and a bunch of determined volunteers.

Great trail for everyone - there is an intermediate and expert line at all the obstacles - making it a perfect place to improve one's skills. Go ride it - take care of it - ENJOY IT! Kudos to everyone involved....

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  • delphinide

    10/15/2013 2:05 PM

    Went to Durango for the first time and specifically looked for this trail after reading this article and watching the video. Man, it took a while. Called a bike shop while on the trail after some backtracking, and quickly figured out that some fool(s) tore down all of the trail signs off of the Ridge Trail, so be advised. To find the drop in, look for the big flat concrete slab on the Ridge Trail and you'll see it about 30 feet away, looking south. Be careful though...I wouldn't be surprised if these same trail fiends sabotaged some of the features. Most likely it's people who have apparently developed a legendary hatred for 'freeriders' in the Durango area (see the article above). I posted a pic of what was left of the main entry sign on singletracks under the trail photos...someone sliced the SnakeCharmer sign and painted 'Drug Use Purmidid'. Idiots. Awesome trail though...less 'progressive' than I though. It is one steep series of rock gardens interrupted by sick rollers and drops. Fine by me!!

  • jasonvelocity

    10/15/2013 2:10 PM

    This is exactly how my morning went when I was there. I located parts of the sign laying a few feet away and tried to prop it up. I was also not sure how to get up, and a local guided me to push up a gully to get there. I am guessing I could have ridden further up the valley and dropped in higher.

  • LS3 Aerial

    10/15/2013 2:21 PM

    Guys thanks for coming and checking out the trail - as to the other stuff...last week I spoke with one of the leading forces in Durango about this very thing. Someone has been causing havoc up there on that trail. Some things are in place to hopefully catch the turds. One day when I was up there, someone had put a bunch of stuff beneath one of the drops. Hopefully the idiots will get caught - and hopefully I will get to post a picture of the fools right here in this thread - via game cam - thanks again for checking it out, hope you guys dug it and Jason - hope you had fun riding DH with those guys last Sunday - sorry not much filming took place - common occurrence when the conditions are that good and there are a bunch of riders day quickly moves to shred day

  • LS3 Aerial

    9/11/2013 9:49 AM

    Jason thanks for posting this - stoked to get the word about this trail and the way in which it happened. Hopefully communities all over can do this sort of project.

  • jasonvelocity

    9/11/2013 9:53 AM

    Any time. I'll be out there later in the season to check it out personally

  • LS3 Aerial

    9/11/2013 8:05 PM

    Jason you will have to get in touch when you come - maybe we get some footy of you shredding it - get a review from a guy who doesnt live here kind of thing.

  • jasonvelocity

    10/1/2013 11:25 AM

    I will be out in Durango this weekend to check out Snake Charmer (and visit family).

  • LS3 Aerial

    10/2/2013 1:58 PM

    Jason -awesome - hope you dig it. Im going out and filming with some downhillers and fall colors on Sunday. THese guys all rip and it will be all kinds of fun - thinking we are going to shuttle Purg. Email me if you want to join us - it be great and I could do a short edit for you if you want -

  • stendorphin

    9/9/2013 6:42 PM


  • billybobzia

    9/9/2013 6:34 PM

    Captain Ahab version 2.0?

  • NoahColorado

    9/9/2013 4:56 PM

    Sick gnar, bro.

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