FSA Presents 'Shoulder Season'

Bicycle components manufacturer, Full Speed Ahead (FSA), working with filmmaker Spencer Johnson and athlete Danica Fife produced “Shoulder Season,” which first went live on November 26, 2021 has now won the title of “Exceptional Merit” at the WRPN Women’s International Film Festival for 2021.

Shoulder Season is an homage to the waning days of summer turn to longer shadows, racing season is over and there is nothing to be had but fun on your bike before winter sets in, closing trails down in most parts of the Pacific Northwest, where the video takes place. While chasing the fleeting moments of biking season, three friends find themselves in the heart of The Gifford Pinchot National Forest for a ride they will never forget. Not much in life is simple these days. When a trip to the grocery store could be your last or seeing your friends fade away because of political differences, times are different, but yet ever-changing like the seasons themselves. We all must take time to just remember the simple things, the little pleasures in life to keep our bucket full.

Friends. Campfires. Dogs. Simple times can unite us all. Chasing the fleeting moments of life by bicycle is one way to get back to what it means to be alive. Shoulder Season is upon us. Pack your jackets and get outside. Breathe deep the crisp, cold air and grab your grips and shred until the last bit of daylight is but a memory. Legs burning. Lungs burning. Soul burning. For more.

Riders: Danica Fife, Melina Aviñon, Liz Astra 


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