Sequence01 3

A project shot in in the end of august in Åre, Sweden. Shot together with the two talented filmers Helge Olsén and Rikard Nilsson, filming bike videos for the first time.

We decided that we would try to do something different, something that is quite tricky these days.. We ended up with something we know most people haven't seen, a technique using LED lamps on the drone instead of a camera.

We tried to stick to a plan to not film in sunlight, to catch the feeling of two people riding in slippery and foggy condition. I think we captured a feeling of joy and maybe the most real video we done so far. To be honest this is pretty much how a regular day in the bike park looks like. Mellow riding in decent conditions.

Since this is Sequence01 you can all expect a series of videos in this collaboration, what feelings we will bring next time is for the time to tell, but there will be more.

Riders: Johan Gustavsson and Christoffer Van Kuijl

Music: “Phenomenon" by Christoffer Franzen By Arrangement with Deep Elm Records

Thumbnail photo by: Philip Alexandersson
Credit: Rikard Nilsson, Helge Olsén

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