SDG Tellis Adjustable Dropper Lever Featuring Brage Vestavik

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When the Tellis dropper made its debut in 2018, there were plenty of skeptics. Rightfully so – how does a “Saddle” company produce a functional dropper? The short answer was endless testing and continuous refinement – a core DNA trait of SDG which is passionately shared from their entire crew. Now, after 3+ years on the market and numerous positive reviews later, the Tellis has proven to be a dependable workhorse – one that simply just works, drop after drop. But while the Tellis dropper evolved, there was no question that they needed a premium lever to complement. So they did just that.

The new Tellis Adjustable Lever offers an intelligent design for unparalleled adjustments and overall function, while still retaining one the softest actuations in the game. It was a collective effort as the SDG product team worked closely with engineering in Canada and Taiwan, key OE partners and their team of global test riders through numerous samples and revisions. Dig into the details below and see how the Tellis Adjustable Lever will enhance your next ride, with a simple set it and forget it experience.

Credit: SDG Components

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