Rocky Mountain Urge BP Rally Team's EWS Season

Rewind a whole year of Enduro World Series with the Rocky Mountain Urge BP EWS Rally Team. This racing team had a good year in 2014, taking 2nd overall in the Team category, and are looking forward to the 2015 season. Here's a look back at their season's highlights.

Alexandre Cure in Colorado.

Florian Nicolaï in Chile.

Isabeau Courdurier on a wet trail in Scotland.

Jesse Melamed in Whistler.

"We engaged ourselves into the 2014 EWS with humility but super enthusiastic and hungry for ride and new horizons. The EWS season gave us much more than expected, with crazy trails, friendly local people and at the end unexpected results. We will never forget this unique experience. We’re a true family, united to meet even bigger challenges. We all look forward to the 2015 season, just because we love the ride, so we love Enduro!” ~ the Urge Crew

Music: The Great Break-off by The Insider (


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