Rob Warner's Wild Rides - Kenya with Matt Jones

Cycling icon Rob Warner has explored the world through his career as a professional downhill rider and UCI World Cup commentator. In his latest adventure Rob Warner’s Wild Rides he leaves the pressure of the professional circuit behind to rekindle his love of mountain biking by traveling to the far corners of the earth looking for the planet’s most stunning trails.

According to Warner, “Doing a TV series like this has brought me back to why I got into [mountain biking] when I was 14. That sense of exploring has always been a big part of it, for me. Thankfully I got to ride on some epic trails for this TV series with some of them downhill for nearly 30km. It was the best mountain biking I have ever done."

Joined by a cast of top cyclists including Finn Iles and Matt Jones, Rob steps well outside his comfort zone as he immerses himself in local culture and faces his fears in New Zealand, Nepal, Ecuador, Colombia, Kenya and Lesotho.

Better known for tearing down a mountainside in between the tape of the UCI Downhill World Cup, Finn Iles has earned himself a reputation as a rider willing to push the limits. But joining Rob as they travel to South America, Finn shows he’s able to handle himself outside the tape as well. Whether getting blessed by a Shaman in Ecuador or salsa dancing in Colombia, the Canadian World Cup sensation is an excellent travel partner.

UK Slopestyle star Matt Jones leaves behind the dirt jumps to join Rob on his adventures as well. Travelling to Kenya to freeride its tallest mountain, visiting Witchcraft Village in Africa’s highest country, Lesotho, or shearing sheep in exchange for a helicopter ride in New Zealand, Matt is always able to find the lighter side of the situation.

And the master of downhill style, Olly Wilkins joins Rob as to travel from the foothills of the Himalayans into the remote valleys high above where they explore a Buddhist monastery.

Reflecting on the experience, Warner said "Can you imagine being surrounded by some of the biggest peaks on earth? I was right in amongst them on a mountain bike. That is next level stuff. I have seen places that I never dreamt that I would see. It is only just now, six months on, that it is sinking in a little bit.”

Available exclusively on Red Bull TV, don’t miss this globe trotting series now available! More information on Rob Warner’s Wild Rides can be found here:

Credit: Red Bull

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