Riding on the Edge, Where All-Mountain Meets Freeride

In early 2013, Pau Reixachs and Xavi Cabau of Allriders Pro will bring their attempt of a new kind of approach to all-mountain. Four online episodes, plus two TV episodes will try to explore new boundaries in the all-mountain field.

Over the series, Allriders Pro will visit four different and unique landscapes. Two of them, RedLands and BlueLands near Barcelona, are home soil for Pau and Cabau, where they have built some unique, unreleased trail building and stunts trying to link as many natural features as possible…

Pau Reixachs, promoter of the whole thing, told us: "We are super stoked to finally be able to bring this project idea to life. We really want to show that the all-mountain concept is something different and unique to us. We've been pushing the boundaries of "all round" mountain biking for so many years since we started organizing and later racing this kind of competition all over Europe. Now finally everything has come together in the right moment and we are really excited to film with such a great crew and do stuff what we've been preparing for so long."

"We are waiting for more support and resources. By now we have already covered the basic budget for filming and trail building, but we also have two more levels up that can upgrade the whole production. These are free to watch movies and will be fully displayed on the net, so we would really appreciate any kind of support; just following us on social networks is already a big issue for us and the for the brands that make this possible. We also are running a crowd funding project for trail building in RedLands and BlueLands and everyone who contributes will be able to ride it at least one day on these private non public access trails."

Stay tuned! The first episode will appear early January 2013.

More info:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/allriders.pro

Credit: Allriders Pro
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