Recumbent Downhill 11

Yes, it’s Monday and you read that title right. Now brighten up your day with a good laugh.
Credit: Honza Galla
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  • eric.hitchell

    12/5/2012 5:38 PM


  • wsmac

    12/5/2012 10:59 AM

    I watched a few of these vids a couple of years ago... forgot about them.
    Seems like it's pretty much an Eastern European thing.

  • KHSFactoryRacing

    12/4/2012 3:16 PM


  • big bear

    12/3/2012 2:35 PM

    I cannot wait to hear the head line news when that fork snaps and goes right up his rectum.

  • peps109

    12/3/2012 12:46 PM

    can i get this in a 29er?

  • noldog

    12/3/2012 11:49 AM


  • Uncle Cliffy

    12/3/2012 9:30 AM

    Search for this on Youtube and read the comments. THAT'S where it gets funny.....

  • Varaxis

    12/3/2012 10:49 AM

    Or just click the area that says YouTube in the bottom right of the embedded vid...

    That uploader is so serious about recumbents that I'm sure some trolls would have some fun with him.

  • travis.prebble

    12/13/2012 8:57 AM

    The uploader is so serious because he manufactures/sells recumbents.

  • TCB

    12/3/2012 8:32 AM

    reminds me of that joke, "The hardest part about rollerblading is..............

  • Yuroshek

    12/3/2012 7:51 AM

    Everything about this video is badass!

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