Rampage 2012 Qualifiers Recap 9

Recap video from qualification day at Red Bull Rampage 2012. The level of insanity has been turned to 11 already - what will finals bring??? Also check out the individual video clips of the top 3 runs and the full results listings here.

Credit: Red Bull
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  • Uncle Cliffy

    10/6/2012 1:39 PM


  • Mr. P

    10/6/2012 9:16 AM

    Liked the flowy /stylie riding at the top of Cam's run, would love to see more of that too.


  • s.sheline

    10/6/2012 9:03 AM

    that was kinrade that crashed on the sender. sucks! such a solid rider.

  • SpokeApparel

    10/6/2012 8:31 AM

    who nosed in and went to his head on the sender at min :51? was he OK? that shit was no joke.

  • ryan_daugherty

    10/6/2012 7:51 AM

    funny that Cam switched to his 40

  • Bojangles

    10/6/2012 6:27 AM

    Doerfling is a frigging badman, doing all that in a singlet..very core.

  • OCsponger587

    10/6/2012 7:55 AM


  • Bojangles

    10/8/2012 1:17 AM

    Is it not called a singlet? He'd probably still kill it in this kind of suit.

  • SpokeApparel

    10/6/2012 8:33 AM

    serious. that guy is consistently beastly.

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