RIDICULOUS! Brandon Semenuk Continues to Redefine Slopestyle 23

What did he just do?! Semenuk is back to set the world on fire again with another 100 seconds of awesome raw footage, combining unparalleled slopestyle talent, blazing speed, and unique terrain. You're going to want to watch this one at least twice!

Credit: Revel Co // Red Bull
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  • Lucimate

    7/20/2017 4:38 AM


  • BaeckerX1

    7/19/2017 12:24 PM

    I hate to say this, because Semenuk is sick, but I'm almost more impressed with whoever built that track than the riding itself. Damn that looked amazing. All of the flow.

  • sideshow

    7/17/2017 2:59 PM

    Sublime. I laughed to myself after that ender clip; the exact opposite of button smashing.

  • JCL

    7/17/2017 1:12 PM

    What's the point in watching a slopstyle comp after that?

  • bizutch

    7/17/2017 2:02 PM

    Because that video is perfection EDITING whereas slopestyle is real time life unfolding. All of the tricks are crazy good, but the during is so seamless that we enjoy it as a flawless run. They spliced together however many takes it took to get it right and made it look fluid.

    Would.love to see a follow cam just to see if he could actually pluck all of those tricks out in a single run. That would be unreal.

  • TheLoamRanger

    7/17/2017 2:24 PM

  • Big Bird

    7/18/2017 7:21 AM

    Good point.

  • bizutch

    7/18/2017 9:32 AM

    You don't get my joke

  • T-Dawg

    7/17/2017 6:05 PM

    I'm surprised VitalMTB even bothered to posted something that wasn't WC Downhill or Enduro racing related anymore

  • Condro

    7/17/2017 12:41 PM

    There is something incredible that happens when one of the most influential and best people in a sport goes beyond the arenas of what is available and puts their vision into creation. This is true extension and expression of Brandon's mind and I bet he still has so much more he wants to do and couldn't work into this project. I just watched this 5 times in a row noticed something special every time. Such a mad man.

  • iceman2058

    7/17/2017 9:50 AM


  • bizutch

    7/17/2017 9:16 AM

    Spawns new obsessive bike park trend of building giant dirt boobies all over the mountain to scrub the nipple off the top side of.

  • lev

    7/17/2017 8:45 AM

    I want the same cheese he eats.

  • hamilton

    7/17/2017 8:18 AM

    that was so amazing i thought it was fake.

  • Stiksandstones

    7/17/2017 7:25 AM

    How is it even possible, to be that young and constantly reinvent yourself-raising the bar every time. He is the best bike rider-ever.

  • sspomer

    7/17/2017 7:07 AM

    now that's something to wake up to! nothing better than simplicity, creativity and style destroying quintuple rotation variations. (whistler scrambling to create "mogul biking" trail prior to crankworx so everyone can practice their crank-dirt-shaving technique for 2018 Unofficial Mogul Scraper World Champs: )

  • Condro

    7/17/2017 12:42 PM

    Just got the best vision of that. Like a ski mogul field, but for bikes!

  • Bigburd

    7/17/2017 1:36 PM

    If Whistler makes a set of these moguls they need a live feed camera on it 24/7.

  • adrennan

    7/17/2017 6:47 AM

    i dont even know how to ride a bike anymore

  • DorianKane

    7/17/2017 4:39 AM

    Back then when we used to say: "that's not even possible" whilst gaming downhill domination

  • Ryan_Bowen

    7/17/2017 3:49 AM

    He thinks he's sooooo good

  • F1234K

    7/17/2017 2:24 AM

    Must be fun when you can bend the laws of physics for your riding pleasure...

  • Alex1

    7/17/2017 2:04 AM

    So composed and stylish...

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