Pumping the Trail 6

Darren Butler and Ruben Salzgaber from Endless Biking take you down Fromme's Bobsled while giving you tips to pump the trail. endlessbiking.com

Credit: Created by Matt Dennison
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  • [New]Spice

    5/20/2011 3:38 PM

    No shit the ball wants to go downhill.. its called gravity

  • jrlombard

    5/19/2011 11:43 PM

    That trail looks ridiculously fun.

  • Dingo Dave

    5/18/2011 9:33 AM

    Great to see Darren Butler's still shredding hard.

  • socnick

    5/17/2011 1:42 PM

    Nice vid!

  • Nozes

    5/17/2011 12:26 PM

    more people than you'd know

  • camdenthekid

    5/17/2011 9:05 AM

    who doesnt already know this?

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