Parallel Trail Raw | Jackson, WY with Fast Dog and Chest Gimbal 11

Tucker vs Jeff. Jackson, WY utilizing a GoPro 3 Black and a Z1 person-mount gimbal. Smooooooth footage. Crappy riding. I especailly liked the double wheel case on the new jump section

Credit: Me!
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  • Icehawk

    7/11/2015 1:46 PM

    Great video and your dog rocks! I've been riding once with a friend's dog but he basically just took off into the woods on his own until we were done.

  • jhanro

    5/15/2015 8:18 PM

    I never want to watch a POV edit without gimbal ever again.

  • jackalope

    5/15/2015 7:15 AM

    Mother of fvck, that was Stage IV sickness right there...hard to decide which is radder: Jeff, the trail, or the tape cutter dog...but in the end, the pooch gets my vote

    Seriously good stuff - thanks for posting.

  • inter

    5/14/2015 9:55 PM

    wow, chest gimbal works very well in this video. what does it look like? what brand?
    awesome riding, and dog too.

  • shutter2ride

    5/14/2015 7:33 PM

    That is one fast dog. Good stuff.

  • marshalolson

    5/14/2015 1:46 PM

    brines, is this now? i come ride…?

  • jeff.brines

    5/14/2015 1:50 PM

    That was Sunday. So yes.

  • jeff.brines

    5/14/2015 11:08 AM

    Side note - when the corner cutting mafia gets ahold of this one Tucker is going to be in biiiiggg trouble. #notthespiritofenduro #itsokaycausehedigs

  • shjacobsen

    5/15/2015 12:32 AM

    What was going on with the step down right after the berms and before the lower jump section in the trees. It looked like there was a big box with a tarp on it (or maybe some form of machinery?) right at the take-off. Is it closed permanently or just getting rebuilt?

  • odin

    5/14/2015 10:48 AM

    Best thing I watched this month!

  • jeff.brines

    5/14/2015 10:57 AM

    Ha! Thx.

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