Old timey National Series Carnage 11

2005 or 2006 or so. Good stuff! The big action starts at 2:18 and goes from there. Ahhh, Vermont and Idaho...

Credit: jrmdhmaster
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  • Sven Martin

    10/21/2010 7:01 PM

    i was so expecting to see myself eating shit in this vid in nearly every section showed. I loved eating shit ...only way to get fast after a late start.

  • Primoz

    10/21/2010 8:54 AM

    I wonder what Gee and Greg would don these tracks today, being so fit and all...

  • jeff.brines

    10/21/2010 6:10 AM

    Apparently I get to be a glory-days-er now!!

    Howse with the call that we all thought at that race...I know my bike was never the same after that race.

  • Redwoodrider

    10/20/2010 10:45 PM

    best shit ever

  • ballr

    10/20/2010 8:26 PM

    correct Mr. Art of Dirt, that is Ziegman at 4:33. Who art thou?

  • kidwoo

    10/20/2010 7:57 PM

    Oh man......back when that rock face at mammoth had some slope to land on.........so fun....

  • bturman

    10/20/2010 7:18 PM

    HAHAHA this is AWESOME!

    "Move that rock!"

    "Ohhhh, my poor bike!"

  • bizutch

    10/20/2010 6:13 PM

    I was at Mt. Snow that year. Tough, fun and permanently gouged frames.

  • the art of dirt

    10/20/2010 6:08 PM

    Spomer for some reason i think thats zeigman at 4:33 but your guess as good as mine, video got me pretty pumped though!

  • Simcik

    10/20/2010 5:38 PM

    Hoover was hauling @$$ at snowmass, Howse's poor bike....

  • sspomer

    10/20/2010 5:13 PM

    ballr, is that you at 4:33 in idaho?

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