Nike 6.0 Dirt Jump Shoot 6

British dirt jump goodness from Alex Rankin and Nike 6.0

Credit: Nike and/or Rankin?
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  • Shop Mechanic

    1/12/2010 9:06 PM

    Alex Rankin rules. His films have such a natural feel to them. Nothing overly setup or contrived like so many of the other vids these days. You always get a sense of the fun of mountain biking along with the excitement, danger, and beauty. His choice of music always works great with his films too.

  • Christian Peper

    1/12/2010 2:34 PM

    like those transfers.

  • mxnate

    1/12/2010 1:29 PM

    nike Blows. They systematically ruin everything they touch.

  • Mwood

    1/11/2010 10:31 PM

    im loven all the work there going to just to get the 'shot'. its siiick

  • sspomer

    1/11/2010 8:45 PM

    heck yes, blind video days!

  • alloutprodux

    1/11/2010 3:13 PM

    that was sick --
    reminded me of that gonz section from the old blind vid
    with the groooovy jazz -- spomer & sven
    i know you guys remember that one!

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