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New York's Uproar Over Citi Bike Program - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 6

'The bike lobby is´╗┐ an all powerful enterprise.' You've got that right! From eyesore to decoration, get New York's take on their new bike share program.

Credit: The Daily Show

bturman bturman 6/12/2013 3:33 AM

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After spending two years in the hood in Baltimore, I feel confident saying there are guys down there that will out wheelie just about anyone on this site. Loved it.

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Watch out for the bike Lobby. They're going to sell you expensive bikes and take away your roadz.

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These citibikers are hilarious. They stop at every red light and ride around like clueless tourists. Couldn't believe I was blowing red lights, ripping thru traffic, on and off sidewalks. Great idea unleashing thousands of nyc noobs cyclists into traffic. I drive also so see both sides to the equation. Either way stay out my way citybikerz.

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Citibikers are hilarious!!! I flying thru traffic yelling at people, punching rear view mirrors out, blowing red lights, you know the old school way to ride in nyc. These Citiriders are astonished when they see me blow a light in front of a cop and jump on sidewalk then jump back into traffic. Meanwhile they still standing there waiting for the light. Its def a dangerous program, lets unleash thousands of clueless tourists into nyc traffic. I drive too so know both sides of the equation. Better stsy out my way bike or car citiriderz.

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