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Kriss Kyle has launched himself into contention as one of the world’s most scintillating mountain bike riders as his first MTB edit with Red Bull, ‘Out of Season’, shows the star BMX rider pulling off astonishing jumps and barely believable tricks to elevate his status in the off road discipline. Premiering today on Red Bull TV, Out Of Season shows the 29 year old showcase a number of world first tricks down a unique custom built line in the distinctive woods of north east Wales. Starting with a 21 foot drop from the roof of a forest cabin, Kriss keeps a host of playful and original stunts coming throughout every twist, turn and ramp as fast-tracking drone shots immerse viewers onto the tail of Kriss’ trail bike.

The five minute edit is pulsating with Kriss’ inimitable style that has been honed across 18 years of BMX riding and only unleashed across the MTB trails in the last two years. Kriss was assisted by some of the UK’s best downhill course builders and under the watchful eye and able assistance of Red Bull athlete and iconic trials rider Danny MacAskill. Drawing inspiration from previous hits such as Kaleidoscope and dropping out of a helicopter in Dubai, Out of Season combines traditional British winter trails with custom built North Shore features to create Kriss’ dream trail playground and amplify his trick list beyond anything we’ve seen before on a mountain bike.

Kriss’ relentless dedication to improving his physical fitness was an underlying aspect of Out of Season, as the Scotsman navigated the bigger and heavier bike across his dream playground. In preparation for the shoot, Kriss tailored gym sessions to focus on increasing strength and explosiveness of his upper body as well as running sessions with weighted vests to improve his aerobic capacity and leg stamina. Despite suffering a broken rib as he tried to land the opening jump of the edit, Kriss showed his commitment to the project with more off the bike work to return to set ahead of schedule.

Kriss Kyle said, “It’s kind of crazy to think that I’ve gone from riding an MTB bike two years ago primarily to keep things fresh and fun, to now producing this amazing edit with Red Bull. It was really difficult taking tricks I could land easily on a BMX only to then do them over 100 times on the trail bike. It definitely felt like learning to ride all over again at some points.

I wanted the edit to be a mountain bike version of Kaleidoscope, including some of the features that I designed for that video. When I visited the site with the trail builders they sketched out their vision and it was everything I dreamed of. From that point it was all about showing people the passion that I have for MTB and just being able to get back into something.

The approach I took to preparing my body for this edit was like nothing I’ve done before. I knew my body would probably take more of a battering as I navigated tougher tricks with a heavier bike in muddy conditions. I think it ended up helping me get back on the bike quicker when I broke my rib as I was in such good fitness. I didn’t actually realise I’d broken my rib when I did it, all of the adrenaline was going and in all honesty it could have been a lot worse as I managed to miss several tree stumps when I fell.

A huge shout out to director Matty Lambert, George Eccleston, Jake Walters and the rest of the build crew at Revolution Bike Park, as well as Red Bull who helped make my dreams a reality for Out of Season. I really feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface with my trail riding, I’m so excited to see what’s next!”

Credit: Red Bull

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