MTB Madeira | Discovering AWESOME Enduro Mountain Biking

The enduro MTB riding in Madeira is AWESOME! Madeira is a very beautiful place for mountain biking, the weather is usually great and the enduro trails are sick! So far Madeira has hosted two Enduro World Series (EWS) races, and they have the annual 7 day Trans Madeira enduro MTB race going.

This video is from one day of shutteling with LokoLoko Madeira. We rode trails in the Pico Ruivo down to Canicio area.

Trails we we're mountain biking in Madeira during the day:
- Parque Ecológico
- 4 Estradas
- Pistolas Trail
- Lareiras
- Las Vegas
- Ratboy
- Caboucos
- Vereda Louca
- Mushrooms
- and others

So if you want to experience some great enduro mountain biking in big mountains: Check out this MTB Madeira video. And then order plane tickets!

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Credit: Gravity Escapades

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