MTB Downhill Race of the Year? | Winning Runs from Snowshoe

It was obvious from the first training runs on that cards could be mixed up in surprising ways at the UCI Downhill MTB World Cup in Snowshoe, USA. One of the most demanding tracks of the season lived up to its name and the world's finest delivered a show that West Virginia and the rest of the world will never forget. 

Top 5 women: 

Camille Balanche:4.28,585 Myriam Nicole 4.32,730 Nina Hoffmann 4.34,692 Vali Höll 4.44,489 Monika Hrastnik 4.45,362  

Top 5 men:

Amaury Pierron: 3.34,442 Bernard Kerr: 3.34,856 Andreas Kolb: 3.36,250 Ronan Dunne: 3.37,013 Greg Minnaar 3.37,962

Credit: Red Bull

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