’m lucky that I grew up in a location where I had a chance to enjoy mountain biking and to find rare freeride lines while living in Latvia. I just have to see them from the other perspective.
My hometown trails and corners I know as good as my fingers, this time I took the line’s riders usually dream of riding.
I got so stoked when I and my friend decided to create this video. It was at t first meant to be an Instagram reel https: // , but then the project expanded a little. As a video creator myself one year of grinding youtube , I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to make this happen.
I immediately drew pictures in my head about the spots I would dream of riding and always had it only in my mind, but there I was standing at the top of the line breathing deeply to make myself calm. Enjoy!
Credit: Camera: Otomārs Berzinš
Drone: Edgars Strads
Edit: Ansis Blumbegrs

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