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Let Nate Hills Get You Outside on Follow Cam Friday 7

I want to start by wishing everyone health and positivity in these difficult times. Although I feel a bit selfish posting bike videos, I do see the value in entertainment right now, more than ever. Hopefully, this lifts your spirits and helps with your social distancing initiatives, and puts a smile on your face. I am fortunate to be able to keep working and will try my best to continue to make videos for the people during these uncertain times.

Transept begins at the top of Hiline and heads to the Village of Oak Creek. It's rustic and pedaly nature will test your entire skillset. Alex Petitdemange is a ninja.

Credit: Nate Hills

BHowell BHowell 3/20/2020 9:25 AM

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I finally figured it out. Rode Transcept again this weekend and noticed from the video that the brutal climb about 2/3 of the way in was cut out of the video. I wondered how they completed this segment so quickly. not an 8 minute trail...Not that those 2 aren't fast.

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This was almost 3 weeks ago, before all the "lockdown" and freak out about the virus came around. And it was just the 2 of us, those guys turned right...stay healthy, get outside

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S O C I A L D I S T A N C I N G... except opening riding shot is homey hanging out with 4 other dudes. For this shit to work we really have to cut off contact with anyone not important to our daily routine. If you think about it each of those guys could have been in contact with 5 other people and those people could have had contact with 5 other people. So now your only two steps removed from 125 people. Not saying dont go out and exercise, just go do it alone... Because if we keep messing this up its only going to take longer and harsher lockdown will be put in effect.

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While I do not disagree with your sentiment, it is worth noting that this was filmed during the Sedona MTB festival, a couple of weeks ago, while town was at maximum capacity. It can also be argued that this is in fact important to my daily routine as this is a large part my current job. I feel very fortunate to be able to work and exercise outside right now. Sedona closed restaurants, bars and gyms, officially, last night. A bit behind the curve, if you ask me. I am certainly respecting social distancing protocol and agree that we all need to do our part. Stay healthy amigos!

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I certainly wouldn’t call biking outside with a friend or two high risk of transmission ...... incomparable to waiting in line at a crowded indoor busy grocery store, or the people in retail and food industries still going into work. Absolutely nothing wrong with getting out on your bike to blow off some steam and keep some sanity as we try to figure this out. It’s weird out there and it’s going to get weirder.
Source: primary care provider in Arizona who has been going on much needed de-stress rides after work almost every day this week.
Never miss a followcam Friday Nate..... I will have to give transcept another try..... after my first run down it I said I’d never do it again because the Hi Line descent is so good..... you guys made it look a lot better than when I rode it haha

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Exactly, and to your point all the major health orgs in the USA agree that you are indeed allowed and even encouraged to get outside and exercise, AS LONG AS you observe the 6' distance etiquette. And hell, why not make it 10' while we're at it just to be safe. I know a lot of us arent worried about getting sick, but we also don't want to be responsible for someone else getting it from us even if we're not feeling bad. Be careful, be optimistic, be outside!

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Absolutely true, but if he filmed this even 12 days ago there wasn't the same urgency and widespread practice that we had 5 days ago... The Sedona MTB festival happened full-force with hundreds of people rubbing elbows just 2 weekends ago.

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