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Jérôme Clementz - The Precepts of Enduro 2

Mega winner and overall man of the mountains, Jerome does not disappoint when it comes to showing us all what a bike can do.

About Jérôme Clementz

Jérôme has been riding bikes for as long as one can remember. Racing both XC and DH when younger, he soon got bored with riding the same loop all afternoon or queuing for gondolas and decided to ride his own way, up and down the “Vosges” mountains range where he lives, before Enduro was called Enduro. He’s won all major Enduro events since, including the Megavalanche in l’Alpe d’Huez twice.

About the Clementz precepts and the origin of Enduro

Besides teaching a number of principles for living, Enduro also provides standards for putting these principles into practice. These standards are called precepts, or rules of discipline. So that these standards would not lapse into rigid ritualism, consideration was given to the times, the society, the culture and customs of the region in which Enduro was being practiced. This concept that speaks of Enduro’s natural flexibility in adapting to the land and culture to which it spreads eventually became known as the Clementz precepts of the Enduro Order...

The legend of the Bluegrass Eagle

The origin of the legend of the Bluegrass Eagle has been lost in the passage of time. It is said that the Bluegrass Eagle won the "Thousand Worlds War" long before man mastered the creation of fire. Possessing supernatural powers, it could transform its plumage into an impenetrable carapace. Its spirit, noble and free, has inspired our range of helmets and protective gear.
Credit: Bluegrass Board
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