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Is Kade Edwards the Bad Boy of Mountain Biking? 1

When we saw the subject line of the email containing the above video, we were mildly entertained but actually didn't open the email for like an hour. It read, "Endura Press Release: Kade Edwards Edit and Story - The Bad Boy of Mountainbiking."

We all know mountain biking is two words (no biggie, our spelling and grammar are rough at best most days), and we definitely know that Kade Edwards is the nastiest up-and-comer in the world of young DH free-racers. But was he the Bad Boy of our sport? We had to chuckle. There are quite a few dirty, derelict, deviant mountain bikers, past and/or present, for Kade to compete with in the arena of Bad Boy. We felt Endura oversold the content, ignored the email and went about our day (lunch time).

Chips and salsa are tasty. Lunch was consumed, our inbox was now under control and we came back to the Endura email to finally open it. We ignored the copy and went straight for the YouTube link because, after all, we really only care about Kade hucking horizontally on his DH bike. We were not let down by the way he maneuvered his Trek Session in the video. We know the stylish youngster is a product of working on his craft at skateparks and trails. We know he's a legit BMX nibbler, throwing suicides and supermans at World Cups. And in hindsight, the footage that surprised us the most shouldn't be surprising at all because we're glued to his Instagram account. A truckdriver on his dirt jumper, barspin-to-manual-to feeble, a tailwhip and some boosty skatepark airs on his 20" made up considerably for any fail in the email subject line. The video delivered with a great balance of variety, A.D.D. edit style and just-long-enough length, leaving us wanting more. The music even worked. Well done.

If you need more insight into who Kade is, below is the write-up that was sent with the video.

Livingston, Scotland, 20 June 2018: Kade Edwards of the Trek Factory Racing Downhill team is a colourful character and a rising star on the DH horizon. He's really a full-time bike rider, who rides bikes, all kinds of bikes, all the time, every day. It consumes him and has obsessed him since he first started competing as a six year old which means he's been competing on bikes for virtually all of his young life.

“I was always serious when it came to competing, I want to win, people were saying that me getting second in a World Cup was good, but you know what they say, 'Second is first loser' and I want to win.”

Watch Endura’s video of what Kade does best – shredding, whether on trails or in the skatepark, and read the full story on him.

Share Endura’s competition – the Scottish brand has made a rad Trek Factory Racing Downhill tie-dye jersey especially for this film, and the only other one we made is up for grabs. Enter here -

Credit: Endura
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