Installing the New Shimano XT With Cam McCaul

The time has come to take my favorite bike and make it a whole lot more favorit(er)… "How," you ask? Well, there was a big box sitting in the garage that read Shimano XT M8100 (aka “The new XT 12 speed”) and I figured, “what better thing to do with your corn ‘n tea time than treat your favorite bike to a big ‘ol upgrade?!?”

Now I’ll be honest… I’m no certified bike mechanic. I just ride the things. When I work on them, it’s a whole lot of trial and error… but I learn as I go and it’s always dialed in the end. This upgrade was no exception. A lotta trial and error but WOWWW! My bike is happy and so am I. The Trek Remedy has a big smile. Like your significant other with a big fancy new piece of jewelry.

Sit back, relax, and watch a knucklehead install Shimano XT M8100 on his Trek Remedy. Alllright.

Ok Bye.



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