(Im)mobile - Matthieu Bonnécuelle & Olivier Weidemann 3

“Throughout our history, we have worked with many photographers, videographers and artists of all styles and born from all walks of life. Olivier is not only one of them, but one of the very first, not least perhaps THE first. Out of contact for years, he called me up and asked me to lend him my personal bike. He and a friend of his wanted to make a video marrying BMX Flat with a META POWER. Marriage could not be more surprising! Modern, nostalgic?

In any case, many thanks Olivier. I was honoured and I'm happy that this project gave us the opportunity to reconnect." - Max COMMENCAL.

Rider: Matthieu Bonnécuelle
Original idea : Zoobab / Olivier Weidemann
Director : Seb Ronjon
Music & Sound Edit: Jeremy Korpas
Photographer : Olivier Weidemann

Credit: Commencal

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