Hutchinson UR Team - Bratislava City Downhill 2013 1

With the team split up for a bit of a break, Tracey and Fabien had both been invited to Slovakia for the Bratislava City Dowhnill an event put on by our good friend and fellow rider Filip Polc. Things got pretty gnarly for Couscous who ended up with a a few sprains, but luckily Tracey was on hand to take one for the team. All pictures by Tim Bardsley-Smith.

Tracey getting ready

 tracey airlines /></p>
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 don mess with tracey on race day /></p>
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  • Big Bird

    6/23/2013 2:57 PM

    Congratulations to Tracey and healing vibes to Fabien. But in my knowledge of the use of "Taking one for the team." it would apply to Fabien who took the bullet (Injury.) for the team. Whereas Tracy "Did the team proud." by winning for her injured and missing teammates. Perhaps I'm full of it. Or lacking it. Or just plain wrong. Anyway, good job Tracy. I'm hoping you can challenge Rachel this season.

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