Getting to know Coronet Peak - with Fabien Cousinié

The mountains are calling and I must go. New Zealand’s South Island is full of rich history and culture. The terrain is diverse, from lush river valleys to sub tropical rain forest. Around the mecca of Queenstown mountains become a prominent feature - some bigger than others, but all have their own unique voice. Coronet Peak is one such mountain. A popular ski resort in winter, the lifts sit empty and no longer run in the summer months. What this means as a mountain biker is that to reach the stunning peak and wide ranging views it offers, you must really connect to the mountain, and listen to its voice. The two way trail to the summit is a popular route where tire is often set to dirt, but to clean the last, rock filled section you have to be on your game, and few manage it. Fabien Cousine has always wanted to clean this last section of climb, and enjoy the satisfaction of this achievement on the technical but flowing descent back down. Armed with a new 9-44 TRS + cassette, Fab set off to listen to the mountain's voice, and really get to know the intricacies of Coronet Peak along the way.


UR Team


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