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Getting Personal: Cédric Gracia 12

Cédric Gracia is an MTB celebrity. Now, at the age of forty one and facing a completely different stage in his professional career, he looks back and talks with us from a deep-personal perspective.

Credit: Forestal Bikes

ForestalBikes ForestalBikes 11/13/2019 6:33 AM

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Wow he's only 41! I just checked him out on Wiki to confirm and the opening sentence made me LOL.

'Cédric Gracia is a French mountain biker, who now lives in Andorra with his team manager’s wife.'


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Video waits until something like 80% through and he says some B.S. about the bike will make you re-think them or won't be able to call it an ebike. So basically he spends a dramatic chunk of my day reeling me in to tell me he's selling ebikes that aren't just another ebike....but oh..ebike. "shhhhh"

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I find the 'more laps, more fun' argument a cheap cop out for e-bikes. I wanna go to Mt. Everest during my lunch break. Why can't I? Huh??

Plus who says you're not going to be sweaty from a MTB ride. By that logic, go for an MX run, you'll be able to sleep half the way through it!
I think all the rage about e-bikes comes from an instant gratification culture we're living in. Want more laps but don't want to get tired? Want more laps in the lunch break? Aren't in shape and want to keep up with friends? Here's an e-bike. In the 'old days' you'd have to put in some time to have access to those things. Which means you had to invest time. If you couldn't, i think said things were not important enough. If they were, you would have found time and changed things in your life. Now you have both, therefore instant gratification.

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Freedom and equality really means the right to rip as much trail as possible. You can pry my e-bike from my aging, wrinkled hands. I won't be denied a reprisal of my youthful reality. That's what Ms. Rosa Parks was going on about, right?

Great athlete, but he's always been about the hustle. Which was fine until the hustle was motorcycles with pedals.

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