Get To Know Mille Johnset of the Commencal / 100% Team

Who is Mille Johnset? If you don't know by now, you should. Mille Johnset is a 21 year old Norwegian, still in the early stages of her career as a World Cup racer and part of the Commencal 100% team... and... Mille is a force of nature. In Episode 9 of "Inside The Line," we catch Mille in an intimate setting as she shares her life and upbringing with fans across the globe. With an undeniable cheeriness, and her mom by her side, we can't help but admire Mille's outlook and see her genuine enjoyment of the MTB as her sport of choice. Coming up through the ranks and starting off with support from bikes shops to having her dad start up a team for young inspiring Norwegian kids (including Millie) named "Team Youngsters" is what amplified and motivated Mille in her racing career. Competing at as many national races and attending riding camps is what pushed her progression to an elite level rider.

After impressing the world as a junior and with her first two years in the elite category, Mille landed herself a position at the Commencal 100% team where she is eager to show what she is capable of.

Mille's goals are mighty and she is ultra focused, not only to herself, but for her sponsors, her team and teammates, which can mentally put a lot of pressure on you to perform. Mille explains the battle she has had with herself and shares her insights and thought about what she has ahead of her. This young rider has already reach WC status and is truly a joy to watch. Next week Mille and all other World Cup MTB DH riders get back at it. In just 5 days these superstar athletes meet up again for the next in the series. Lenzerheide in Switzerland hosts WC DH teams from July 8 -10 and we know this will be another exciting event. With massive berms and jumps, Lenzerheide is not for the faint of heart.

Good luck, and safe and speedy wishes to Mille, Commencal / 100% and all teams competing next week at Lenzerheide.
Credit: e*thirteen

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